The Photographer

I started learning about photography in school in 2004, and instantly fell in love with the art form. I got really serious about photography and made it my profession for 10 years. I love being out in nature and capturing God's beautiful creations with my camera. My goal is to capture as many breathtaking photos as I can to enjoy and share with others. Up until 2015, I was shooting all of my photographs with a digital camera. It seems like the rest of the world was doing the exact same thing, so in order to stand out, I needed to make a change. It was then when I was convinced (with a little persuasion from another photographer) to ditch the digital camera and shoot strictly with large format film.

The Camera

Most of my images were captured on large format film with a Toyo 645 aii with 4x5 film or with a 6x17 panoramic back. By using film, it changed my mindset from capturing an image, to creating an image. Not to mention the added benefit of larger and more detailed images that have a unique look that digital images can't copy.

The Prints

All images are printed on Kodak glossy photo paper for the size requested. The panoramic images can only be printed custom sizes and mounted to acrylic to really stand out. If you wanted a large panoramic print, or wanted another image printed large and mounted to acrylic, contact me at coreydorsey@outlook.com to start the process.